Marvel Avengers Micro Comic Fun Pack Thor Iron Man Cpt America

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Marvel Avengers Assemble

Micro Comic Fun Pack

     Thor   Iron Man    Captain America   Hulk

#3 in Series: Depth Charge, Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron

@ 2015 MARVEL


For ages 6+

Micro Comic is about 5.8 x 3.75 inches.

The Micro Comic Fun Pack line is a format that IDW pioneered, fast becoming a fan-favorite. They consist of full-length, pocket-sized comic-book story, along with exclusive back-up material ranging from character bios to “how-to-draw” material to landscape pages designed for sticker interaction, as well as a range of different collectibles like posters, stickers, standees, or tattoos. The Avengers Micro Comic Fun Pack release includes a unique comic, standee, sticker sheet, and poster for fans to collect.

The Avengers are the perfect team for Micro Comic Fun Packs! The team is big and bold, no matter how small the package you put them in. These packs are loaded with all kinds of fun material—fans of The Avengers and new comic book fans alike will be buzzing with excitement when they see them.



This  Marvel Avengers Micro Comic Fun Pack makes a great collectible entertainment memorabilia gift for yourself and/or someone you know.



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Marvel Avengers Micro Comic Fun Pack Thor Iron Man Cpt America New In Pack
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