Kurdistan 2014 Independence 5000 Dinars Color Coin Uncirculated


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2014 Independence 

5000 Dinars Color Copper Nickel Coin Uncirculated



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The Kurds are an ethnic group divided between Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. For centuries they have dreamed of having an independent homeland, however each time the dream has been thwarted. An independent Kurdistan was promised after World War I, however instead their land was divided between Turkey and Iraq. After the First Gulf War in 1991 the Kurds in Iraq were granted a large degree of autonomy under the United Nations. They even used a different currency than the rest of Iraq, called the Swiss Dinar. Many Kurds in Iraq were expecting to gain full independence with the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Several overseas Kurdish groups authorized the issuance of coins for what they expected would be a new independent nation after the fall of Saddam. However, the Turks feared that an independent Kurdistan in Iraq would further the demands of the Kurds within Turkey for more autonomy. They strongly objected to an autonomous Kurdistan within Iraq and threatened an invasion. The United States agreed with Turkey, so plans for an independent Kurdistan were once again quashed. 

Later, the Kurds in Iraq planned to hold a referendum in the fall of 2014 to vote on Kurdish independence. To commemorate the event, and the almost certain outcome of a vote for Kurdish independence, a group in the United States arranged to have this multi-color 5000 Dinar coin struck. 

One side of the 39mm copper nickel coin features the Kurdish flag superimposed on a map of Iraqi Kurdistan with the legend "Kurdistan Independence" in Arabic and English.

The other side depicts a stylized eagle from the Kurdish arms and the legend  "Republic of Kurdistan" and the date in Arabic and English.    

The sudden rise of the Islamic State known as ISIS in the summer of 2014 threatened both Kurdish and Iraqi territory and citizens.  Under pressure from the United States the referendum was indefinitely delayed so that Kurdish and Iraqi soldiers could be used to fight the common threat of ISIS rather than each other.  

This attractive coin commemorates an event that never took place!


Own this unique and beautiful commemorative coin which is hard to obtain and makes a great collectible gift for yourself or someone you know!






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Kurdistan 2014 Independence 5000 Dinars Color Coin Uncirculated
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